May 21, 2021

Suggested Reading: Psalm 145:1-21

You open your hand; you satisfy the desire of every living thing—Psalm 145:16

Think of the “always” concerning God’s nature and activity toward all he has created. He is always caring; always watching over; always protecting; always attuned; always merciful; always listening; always nearby; always abounding in steadfast love; always compassionate; always providing; always kind; always forgiving and giving; always anticipating. This is what it means to live under the open hand of a God who takes care of and provides for every living thing on the earth from the tiniest amoeba to the largest mammal and all life in between. It is not just humans God cares and provides for, but all living creatures.

As human beings, to live under the open hand of a generous and loving God means we experience benefits reserved for our species; made in his image, filled with his own spirit, God has made us the crown of his creation and he pours himself out to us and abides with and within us uniquely and in wondrous ways.

Because God’s hand is open to us, we can never lack anything. Yes, sometimes we will experience some kind of earthly lack, some kind of material possession we do not have for the time being, some kind of physical, emotional, or mental health we do not enjoy for a period of time; but all of these are temporary and sometimes we are surprised at how we adapt and adjust. Whatever we lack down here on earth materially or even health wise God will more than make up for in eternity where we will never be hungry, homeless, sick, in any kind of pain, sad, or lonely. So God allows us to have times where we may not have all the comforts we would like to have, but we will never be without God’s love and care over us and even when we are lacking something needed he will send it through another.       

We have a robin’s nest nestled where the gutter and downspout come together to form a V. One day, as we were driving out of the driveway I looked up and saw the head of a tiny baby bird peeking out. I told my husband to be careful because there was a nest and where there are babies surely the mama bird would be nearby and would be very protective of her little ones. Each day I could see her fly away then return to the nest with something in her mouth for her babies. Her babies are always watching for her, their little beaks pointed up, anticipating her return and what she has for them. Because her maternal instinct is strong she will feed them until they are strong and able to fly on their own.

These little robins are well cared for just as God cares for us. The difference between ourselves and the baby birds is that we will never outgrow God’s care and provision. Just like the mama holds something in her mouth for her little ones and her little ones look to her, we look to god our provider. David said “the eyes of all look to you, and you give them their food in due season (145:15). Our great, loving, faithful, merciful, righteous God supplies our needs and upholds us. God opens his hand to us and is always providing, always generous, always making sure we are cared for.

On days we feel out here in this great big world all on our own, without covering, with no one to care, too big to be watched over, experiencing some kind of lack or void in our life, we can remember, like the mama bird, our God is not far away but over us, opening his hand to us, never stingy with his care, never withholding from us, never withdrawing his hand or pulling away from us. Let’s Pray,

 O God, what are humans that you are so mindful of us and good to us? You supply food to every living creature but for humans you go beyond this: you fill us with your spirit and have given us a special place in your heart and reserved for us in your heavenly kingdom. May we always do as David did and extol your goodness, praise you for all you do and all you are. We are blessed and in this way highly favored above all creation. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen    

Reflection: How does the way David describes God’s open hand encourage you in your present circumstances and challenges you may be facing or face in the future?               

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