May 12, 2021

Suggested Reading: Acts 1:1-11

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you—Acts 1:8

Waiting until the Spirit arrives on the scene and into our being is courageous living.

Jesus was very precise with these instructions. There had to be a reason he warned his disciples of this truth. Was he remembering when they had tried to heal the little boy of demons while Jesus was up on the mount of Transfiguration, but were unsuccessful because they did not call upon or wait for the power of the Holy Spirit to come upon them before doing so and therefore could not heal the little boy? (Matthew 17:1-9) Possibly. It would have also been that he knew what they would face as they went out witnessing in his name, telling others what they knew: that Jesus who had been crucified, died, and buried, was now alive and risen. That they would undergo incredible sufferings, be maligned, persecuted,  and have many supernatural battles and challenges. He wanted them to remember where their true power and strength would come from.

We need it also. Every day, or at least often we are working hard at something, attempting something—whether it be something big or small—putting grunt work in, doing this, or doing that and managing to have little power or strength to accomplish it. Becoming drained, depleted, and disappointed at the results. Why? Have we called upon and waited for the power of the Holy Spirit to come upon us?

I recently had to have a medical test I was not looking forward to, which required me to be brave and courageous. When I arrived, I was told I needed to drink a solution that was not only distasteful but hard to swallow and more than that I needed to keep it down, otherwise we would need to repeat it. I did not want to do that! As my stomach turned, I texted my husband and daughter to pray for me and I also began to pray for the courage and strength I needed to get through my test. Although I needed to drink the solution quickly I sat still, waiting for the right moment I knew the Spirit had come to help me. He did and I was able to not only drink it but keep it down and get through my tests with flying colors. At the conclusion the tech commented that she was impressed I was able to drink the solution, keep it down plus get through my test without complaint or asking to stop. That gave me a chance to share what I knew about the Holy Spirit’s power and Jesus’ presence in our time of need. She welcomed that reminder and thanked me.  

The Spirit’s power comes to us to perform miracles, help us endure, get through and over, but he also comes that we may be able to witness Jesus to others everywhere we go, to do the common things exceedingly well and the most difficult things with extraordinary ease.               

Waiting for the Holy Spirit is the proper attitude of all who are faithful and faith-filled. The Spirit’s power is yours every day if you remember to ask for it. It comes as a fresh power, each day, each need, each calling. When you remember to call upon him, he is faithful to show up and when he does you will know it. He will fill you, move you, shake you, refresh you, open you up. You will feel empowered, strong, able, confident, and assured. Let’s Pray,

Jesus thank you for this mighty promise and critical reminder of where our power to do everything, including witnessing who you are to others. May we not only accept this truth, but delight in it. It is to your glory and our benefit that we wait on the promised Holy Spirit and do all things through his power. In your name we pray and give thanks. Amen

Courageous Living: how does knowing the same power the apostles and early disciples had by the coming of the Holy Spirit, is yours today and for your life when you call upon him and wait for him?   

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