Prayer for National Day of Prayer

O God our help in ages past our hope for years and centuries to come.

On this National Day of Prayer we stand together as one, one in faith and one in hope. Believers in the same God and same hope.

We implore you to heal our land and ask you to strengthen your people scattered throughout the earth.

we pray you will save us from deadly pandemic and pestilence; that you will save us to bless the earth with our care and also the people who dwell upon it.

We pray for all in authority, where the yare in authority and ask for their good heart and that they have sound wisdom to live by, govern, lead and share.

We pray for miraculous intervention in our broken places and for greater compassion to permeate the earth.

May the eyes of the blind be opened to see your movement and become convinced you are still present and at work; let there be a greater sensing of your power and loosening of the stronghold of fear and doubt.

May the hearts steeped in hatred be released and healed for the power of love.

We pray that the politically, racially, culturally, socially, economically separated be united for common good and for healing of life and relationships in every corner of the earth begin and continue.

We pray for hope to replace despair, that peace with one another become our highest and most worthy aim and fervent pursuit.

May the light of your love shine into our hearts, illuminate our minds, heal our souls, and bring healing to this world and our land.

In the name that is above all names, which is Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, we pray as one today. Amen

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