April 26, 2021

Suggested Reading: Jeremiah 3:22-24

For he knows our frame; he remembers that we are dust.—Psalm 103:14

There is a reason God deals with us as he does: he sees we are actually very fragile; that it does not take much to crush or break us. That is why he is tender toward us. His compassions toward us never fail or fall short; they are new every day. Think of the times you were hurting or feeling bruised or spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically depleted, where some incident or event in life had wounded you deeply, he did not enter in like a bull in a china shop, knocking everything down, breaking or hurting you more but was loving toward you. Extending his mercies and gracious. Singing over you in your sleep and rest to restore you and build you back up. He remained true to who he is, true to his nature. This is what keeps us turning back to him during any hurt or pain we experience. It is our joy to seek him and our anticipation of what we will receive when we come before him.  His recognition of our fragileness is not an accusation or indictment but a fatherly knowledge, a parent’s intuition toward their offspring. He remembers our human condition and establishes his steadfast love not only over the heavens but us also so we can be strengthened, nurtured, cared for. He is always whispering, reminding us that we will make it, we will be alright, we will come through. His ways toward us are always considerate, always caring, always intuitive, always loving, always gentle and kind. We are dust, but we are safe in his hands and care.

David found tremendous comfort and peace in recalling God’s consideration of the human condition and soul’s fragileness. He had known brokenness, depletion, weariness, and even his own sin that resulted in failure and pain during his lifetime; plenty of times. And he could recall joyfully how God had been toward him, even when he was at his lowest or most vulnerable God was careful with him and it was always his God’s intent to rebuild him, restore him, renew him. This is the joy David shares with his readers. This awesome attribute and attitude of our mighty, generous, loving God who has been the same toward us and with us down through the ages. Let’s Pray,

Our Father, your way with us is beautiful, affirming, caring, loving, gentle. You do not come, not destroy us like our great enemy does, but only to love us and strengthen us. May we always remain in your care, always love and appreciate the care that you extend to us and the fatherly love you have for us. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen  


What way of God toward you do you appreciate today?

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