April 20,2021

Suggested Reading: Genesis 1:1-27

Focus Verse: The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all—2 Corinthians 13:14

At times we may not feel very well. Whenever we are not feeling well everything is more difficult. Even the most daily or normal tasks take more effort and strength. This is another area the Holy Spirit will enter in to help us. He is our leader into all truth that is true, but he is also our Helper with all things, including times when we are not up to par or not operating at full capacity or strength. How many have put him to the test in this way; have called upon him from their sickbed, from their place of pain or illness and felt the very moment he showed up to help.

I can remember an occasion many years ago, when I was still a young girl, making visitations with my grandmother to care for the elderly and sick in our congregation. As we arrived at the house of one of our members, we noticed how her floors were sparkling clean. The first thing my grandmother said was, “Mrs. Bullock, you should not have been scrubbing those floors in your condition.” The dear lady’s response to my grandmother was, “Mrs. Covington, I did not do them all by myself. The Lord’s Holy Spirit came and helped me with every inch!” I always loved Mrs. Bullock’s sense of humor and the answers she could give, but that day I also learned her dependency upon the invisible Spirit of God and what he could do, not only for her, but for all who called upon him in their time of need. Her brief response made him more real to me that day than he had ever been.  

I had much to learn about the Holy Spirit at that time, but I knew enough to know he would show up and help us clean floors or any part of our home if we asked him to. Much later, as a young married woman and mother, I learned what it meant to call upon him for help when I needed to care for my children and family but did not have the physical strength or stamina.

There are so many aspects of the Holy Spirit it will take a lifetime to learn them all; he is inexhaustible. He can come and sit quietly with us, comforting us, and he can come to fill us up to overflowing during a time of worship, that makes our praise so sweet and fiery, but he can also show up as a Helper to give us that boost of energy we need, just when we need it; there is no limit to what he can or will do for us.

No doubt he was right there on the cross with our Lord and Savior, helping him stay there until he died. Keeping him focused on his mission, giving him the strength he needed helping him bear the pain he was in, whispering to him, encouraging him, helping him to bless his enemies instead of curse them.  He is invisible, but present, showing up in unexpected ways, bearing the glory of God.

I can remember when our dear friend Mrs. Bullock died. While I was very sad on one hand, I knew I would miss visiting her, miss her sense of humor, miss our conversations, miss brushing her hair and dusting her knick-knacks, miss helping my grandmother prepare the basket of essentials and treats that would go to her on visitation day; but I was grateful to have learned something so special about the Holy Spirit from her. Her few words that day, about God’s Spirit, our Helper, coming to help her with her floors was a sermon to my ears. A word that carried me into my adulthood and even now, whenever I am cleaning my floors but don’t feel in the mood or up to the task I remember what she said and pause asking the Holy Spirit to come and help me just as he did her. And he never fails me. He always shows up and always gives me the strength I need.

As Paul concluded his letter to the Corinthians, he articulated the reality of the blessed Trinity that we have perhaps, heard spoken over us countless times. Helping the believer know what they receive in this mystical union: the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the sweet, ongoing fellowship of the Holy Spirit that is in Words and Sacrament ministry but also extending to daily, loving, caring fellowship, helping us in every possible way. When we are in fellowship with the Holy Spirit all things are possible and there is no limitation on what he will come and do or help us accomplish. Let’s pray,

Holy Spirit our dear and most Holy Friend and Helper. We welcome you in every way you come. May we remember to call out to you, call upon you whenever we need help no matter what kind of help we need. May we have the blessing of sweet fellowship with you from now until eternity. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen  

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