April 16,2021

Suggested Reading: Psalm 25:4-10

Focus Verse: I will instruct you and teach you the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you—Psalm 32:8

We live in an awesome age and era don’t we? Think of all the technology that we have access to. You can do just about anything virtually and through the computer: shopping, setting appointments, visiting with others nearby and as far away as the other side of the world. Modern technology has made it possible to enjoy medical visits virtually, receive counseling, and participate in virtual classes for learning. My son in law is a teacher/professor and I have enjoyed hearing about his experiences and challenges during this time. It’s my opinion that he’s done an incredible job in this area. It’s not everyone who could go from being in person with their students in a classroom setting to teaching virtually and at a distance. I have a great admiration for him and all those who have excelled in this way, put technology to good use and determined to figure it all out for optimal effectiveness.

In Psalm 32 David wrote about one of the attributes of God. Verse 8 speaks of two: God is everywhere, but he is also locally present, right where we are. He promises to instruct us through his written word but counsel us up close and personally: with his “eye” upon us.

In this way we can think of God, not like the virtual teacher, at a distance, but more like the driver instructor; in the car with us. Although one of my granddaughters learned how to parallel park by watching a YouTube video, there are many things she could not learn in that way. She needed an actual driving instructor in the car with her.

Just as a driving instructor would not stand outside the car and call out instructions to us from the sidewalk but needs to be sitting beside us. He or she is keeping a close eye on us and how we are doing. Driving is dangerous, we can get hurt and we can hurt even kill others. So the instructor cannot take their eye off us one moment. Are we driving safely? Do we have a good command of the car? Are we making wise decisions? Are our hands positioned on the wheel in such a way we can turn maneuver with ease? How is our speed? How is our breaking? Are we easily distracted? Are we looking in the rearview mirror too often or long? That instructor is paying close attention to make certain we are not only a good, but defensive driver.

When God instructs through his word and counsels us with his eye it means he is sitting and walking beside us. We don’t understand the mysteries of him being able to be everywhere present and also with us, but he is. He is with us, instructing us through knowledge and counseling us by watching how we are doing with the life he gave us. counseling us when we are becoming dangerously close to running into something or headed for disaster, or we need to slow down and take our time, when there is a flashing warning light in the distance, and we don’t seem to be paying attention. Counseling us to help us make good decisions and wise choices.

God counsels us with his eye keen eye. Counseling us about relationships, finances, health, marriage, parenting, in our studies and career paths. God will not let us crash or run into a life-ditch—and we will not, as long as we pay attention to his commands and obey what he says. After all he is the one who is experienced with getting through this life, soul intact.  

I’m so grateful David had the ability to make God’s instruction and counsel so relevant and clear, to help us understand the kind of help God gives to us daily and all through our life and being able to see how gracious, caring, nurturing and loving God is. I love it when Moses wrote to remind the people, “What other nation (people) has a god as near to them as our God is to us?” (Deuteronomy 4:7) How blessed we are to know, no other nation no other people can say their God is so caring and present as to instruct them through the Scriptures and counsel us with his eye! Let’s Pray,

Our Dearest and Most kind God, Jesus, Thank you for sitting with us and walking beside us in this life that can become confusing at times. Thank you for promising to instruct us with your eye. We are so blessed to be your beloved children, so blessed to have you with us. Now grant us a spirit of obedience so when you instruct, we listen and obey. In Jesus name we pray. Amen                      

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