April 14,2021

Suggested Reading: John 1:35-51

Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him—Psalm 34:8

David wanted everyone to know and experience the goodness of his God. He put his skills of poetry in motion and wrote, “Oh, taste (experience for yourself) and see (know, understand) that the LORD is good (excellent, compassionate, a refuge from the storms of life)!”

He wanted others to know for themselves how great and mighty, kind-hearted, compassionate, patient, reasonable, faithful, understanding, sheltering, protective and forgiving his God was. David experienced what we do when we have discovered  something so wonderful we cannot contain or keep it to ourselves. Once we have “tasted” of God, experienced his goodness and sweetness for ourselves we can’t help but share him with others. 

Sometimes when my husband and I have watched a good movie we tell our children about it and urge them to see it for themselves. Or other times we have tasted something so wonderful, we will not only tell them about it, but bring some to them to taste for themselves.

Jesus said, “If I am lifted up from the earth,” I’ll draw all people to myself. We don’t need a manual or program to tell us how to touch or draw others to Christ, our own enthusiasm will do it, our own stories of how Christ touched, healed, delivered, protected or saved us will do the work for us. When we have experienced the goodness of God or the faithfulness of God in a personal and up close way it’s the most natural thing to tell others about him. This is more than witnessing out of Christian duty, it is sharing who and what we know firsthand and can’t help but share with others.        

Recently on a gorgeous spring day, I went outside to get some air and of course sit in my favorite spot while I got a little work done. By calculation I knew there wasn’t many days left for our cherry blossom tree to retain it’s flowers. Soon it would be releasing its petals so the greenery could emerge. Much to my surprise the minute I steppe out of my back door I was greeted by pink petals covering every surface. It was so breathtaking I couldn’t help but stop and take the scene in. the next immediate thing I did was get a glass vase from the house, put as many petals inside that it would hold, snap a picture, then send it to my family members who love anything pink. It was too pretty a picture to keep to myself.

God’s goodness, Jesus sweetness, the Holy Spirit’s power is too much to keep silent about; too much to sit on. When we have been touched or blessed by our God our instinct is to let others know. That’s exactly what Philip did when he met Jesus. He was so excited about meeting the One Moses had written about, he went and found Nathaniel to come and see for himself. Nathaniel was skeptical but was quickly convinced after meeting the Savor face to face. The sweetness of Jesus speaks for itself: it is its own draw.

After Saul had been struck down and blinded on the road to Damascus, once he had come to and his sight restored, it did not take the Lord twisting his arm behind his back to make him turn his life around or share the Jesus he had met that day, he eagerly shared Jesus, he wanted to talk about him to others, he could not stop talking about this Christ who everyone thought dead, was alive and incredible beyond words. The rest of his life was dedicated to inviting others to taste and see just as he had tasted and seen.

David ends that particular verse in Psalm 34 by saying “Blessed are those who take refuge in him. The joy and delight does not end with tasting, it goes beyond tasting to that of being blessed. Blessed on so many levels, in so many ways. Blessed by God’s protection, blessed by his divine covering, blessed through his  faithfulness, and extravagant love. Let’s Pray,  

Dear God, David says all we need to do is taste and see for ourselves that you are good, and blessed are those who not only taste but take refuge in you. Thank you for inviting us, thank you for extending your goodness over the earth and our lives and thank you for the blessing of refuge. By your grace we will taste and see that you are good. In Jesus’ name we pray Amen.       

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