April 13,2021

Suggested Reading: Isaiah 32:1-8

But he who is noble plans noble things, and on noble things he stands—Isaiah 32:8

When God created Adam and Eve, he created them perfectly, without any corruption of thought or motives. But when the serpent entered the picture, he came to destroy, knock down, pull down, demolish, and tear down God’s perfect creation. Believing he had accomplished a victory by marring what God had created and planned through and for his beloved creation, when he deceived Eve and convinced Adam to sin. But God had another plan. He would send a Savior who was sin-free to pay our sin debt and set us free us from the serpent’s chains. Reclaim and refashion us to reflect his likeness once again. Free-will gives us the ability to receive God’s open arms of forgiveness and restoration. Which reclaims what was originally planned for us. It also give us the ability to reject God and remain under the serpent’s influence. Just like free-will allowed Adam and Eve to do what God had told them not to do, free-will allows us to choose this day whom we will serve: God or the serpent (Joshua 24:15). God will not make us choose his ways of nobility but will gladly receive us and help us to do what is noble and reflecting his nature.    

Adam and Eve were created to be nobility because they were the created offspring of Nobility. You cannot get higher or more noble than the God of the universe, cosmos, and heavens, or King Jesus! Renewed, refashioned, restored to God’s original plan is ours through Jesus’ work of redemption on the cross. This is how and why we can think of so much good we want to accomplish in our life and in our day. While some wake up, go to bed, and spend their day and energies  planning evil, those who belong to God and cherish his ways are always thinking of and planning good, thinking the way nobility thinks; doing the things that the noble do.   

Those who receive their redemption graciously will be about the noble things in life, rejoice in their newfound nobility and use it to do good and noble things and those who reject any tie or affiliation with the Lord also reject their nobility and go about doing foolish, corrupt, shady, and ignoble things. Isiah wrote that there are scoundrels whose devise wicked things, their craving for wickedness, violence, corruption, destruction is endless; they never get enough or tire of practicing iniquity.      

Jesus was an unrecognized King. At the end of his life, as they brutalized him they also they mocked him and put a crown of thorns upon his head, but they did not know how prophetic that was! Their King was standing before them: true nobility! When he rose from the grave he not only rose with all power and authority, he also rose and made sure everyone who believes in and follows him, everyone who receives and are baptized in his name are baptized into his nobility and become joint heirs with him.

Every child of God, every follower of Jesus have regained their rightful heritage and title: nobility, princes and princesses, dukes and duchesses; those who spend their days, expend their energies, thinking of, planning, executing the things that are befitting of their title and position. Looking forward to the day they will live in the kingdom of God where all the other nobility have gone; but for now making sure their presence and impact is known and felt right where they are.

In Jeremiah 29 we read a letter that the prophet sent from Jerusalem to the surviving elders among the exiles. The word from the LORD Almighty was, even though they were being held in captivity they should do good things, build houses, settle down, be productive, plant gardens, eat what they produced, marry, and have sons and daughters, increase in numbers and do not decrease, also seek peace and prosperity of the city of their captures so they also would prosper. In essence: Even though you are not in your homeland remember you are my own creation, you are nobility. You are not foolish, or scoundrels or the wicked, but my offspring and therefore noblemen and noblewomen. Make your King and God proud! I will help you and cover you, inspire and protect you, prosper you in every way. Your enemies will look and sneer, be amazed at how you manage to live such a good and productive life even in captivity, but they will not be able to overcome you. At all cost hang on to your nobility and make sure all your work and life reflect who you are. Let’s Pray,

Dear Jesus, King over all the earth, by God’s hands we are created and by your blood we are made noble once more. Bless us to live a noble life, to plan noble things, to think like the noble people we have been created and fashioned to be. May our lives and the way we conduct them always be reflective of the noblemen and noblewomen we are. In Your Name we pray, Amen                  

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