March 27,2021

Suggested Reading: Proverbs 14:30

Blessed are the people whose God is the LORD!—Psalm 144:15

What a good word from David! In some translations this verse says “happy” are they whose God is the LORD! Either way, happy or blessed, the message is the same: people who have made and make the Almighty, Everlasting, Holy, Unchangeable God their Lord; to be the master of their soul, which houses and encompasses human emotions, feelings, thoughts, temperament, attitude, and disposition are blessed to enjoy soulful stability and balance.  

In this world things will happen from day to day that can easily alter or control our mood and attitude. We could be up one day and down the next, happy one day and sad the next, at peace one day and full of unrest and discontent the next; what an exhausting way to live! Without the Lord’s presence bringing balance to us in these areas we are prone to be thrown around like waves tossed upon the sea. God calls us to that place where we can enjoy steadiness and consistency.

We will not be “happy” all the time but in God we can have an inner peace no matter what is going on around us; even when our personal life and circumstances are in a state of flux. When we give permission for God’s Holy Spirit to set up camp in our heart and soul, he automatically brings his own nature with him. If you have ever had the experience of having someone move in with you, then you know exactly what this is like: they come with their own possessions. Your former home is transformed and takes on a new look. It’s no longer your look or design alone, but now is a combination of both of you. Sometimes you may not like the look of their furniture or color schemes, but the Holy Spirit does not bring anything unattractive, only that which will beautify and make you better in every way! When we allow the Holy Spirit to not just have a little space but rule in our heart we are no longer controlled by outer circumstances, events, or people but enjoy soul stability and balance.           

The life of Jesus and the way he was able to control his emotions and temperament can inspire us to become Spirit-filled and led also. Jesus encountered people all the time who were given to fits of rage, angry, mentally unstable, and unpredictable, but because he was filled with and controlled by the Holy Spirit he enjoyed balance and stability. It’s not hard to imagine that his emotional stability, positive outlook, gentleness, reasonableness, and even temperament were some of the characteristics that attracted others. You never had to guess what personality would show up on a given day. You did not have to worry about him lashing out at you for no apparent reason, being unreasonable or fearing that he would be all over the place in his emotions. No, as the Scriptures say he was steadfast and unchangeable.  

Think of one of the descriptions we see about God in the Bible, especially in the Psalms when he is described as our “Rock.”  Not the tiny rock or pebble you hold in your hand, kick down the street with the toe of your shoe, throw into the pond, or decorate your lawn with, but a massive, unmovable rock: The Rock of our salvation, the rock or bedrock of our emotions and temperament.

He Holy Spirit is a joy to have around and when he abides in us and rules in us we are joy to others also and we enjoy the steadiness, stability, and balance he brings to every part of our lives including or emotions and temperament. Let’s pray,

Dear God, every part of you is beautiful and the beauty and peace you bring when you come to dwell in our heart and become Lord of or life is awesome. Set us free to enjoy a new temperament that is no longer controlled by or tossed back and forth like the waves on the sea, outward circumstances, situations, or people, but balanced and steadfast because your Spirit lives in us. Amen                        

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