March 25, 2021

Suggested Reading: Isaiah 43:1-7

Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name.—Isaiah 43:1

The need to be known and the sense of belonging is important in this life and great big world we live in. Our emotional health is increased, our mental health is supported, and overall confidence is bolstered by knowing we belong to someone, that we are known personally and individually; we are not just a case number or face in the crowd where we would not be known from “Adam” as the expression goes.

God has written special messages to us in his word for the purpose of knowing we are his and that he calls us by name. Being called by name by God our Creator is even greater than we can hope for, it also means we are called to and the door has been opened through Christ to have and enjoy an ongoing, life-long, intimate relationship with God. He knows our name, the sound of our voice, our thoughts, our fears, our dreams, our unexpressed feelings and needs. Just as a shepherd names his sheep and calls them by name—as numerous as they are and as much as they may look alike to others, but to the shepherd they are distinct and individual. So too our heavenly Father has named us and calls us by name: his own.      

Like Israel we are a special people to God. He created every living being and knows us intimately, touches us in places no human has access or knowledge, and named us. Now we are invited to love him back to embrace the highest level of intimacy and relationship with him.

Does your heavenly Father’s words bring a smile to your face, assure you, put a little pep in your step, bring a sigh of relief, release the peace that passes all understanding into your being, motivate and inspire you to press on, keep striving and persevering through the day-to-day rigors or circumstances of life? What a powerful promise and calling God activates in our lives.

When God calls you by name he has distinguished you from the crowd his claim on you sets you apart from the world and all others. Because he has called you by name you may live in this world, but you do not belong to it. You are not born of the world, you are not one of the devil’s children, but God’s alone and when you read his word, if you listen carefully, you can hear him speak your name. His words are brought to life and are applicable to your life and circumstances. Sometimes they may be sprinkled with grace, tenderness, patience, a Father’s stern tone when needed, or with love, pride, and joy.  But you can know they are for you.

How precious are his thoughts toward you! You are precious to him. To know you are truly the apple of his eye. His beloved, his heart’s desire, his attention and focus are set on you each day and at the same time it does not diminish the attention or focus he gives to all others. You are part of his great big family but you are not overlooked nor forgotten. You have nothing to be afraid of, the Lord has redeemed you, you are his, he has called you by name. Let’s Pray

Great and awesome God it is not unusual to want to be special to someone; to want to be known by name not just another face or number. Thank you for calling us by name, by so doing you have seen our individuality and at the same time know we belong to the great throng of believers and you have also called us into relationship with you. Life cannot get any better than knowing this! In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen              

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