March 20,2021

Suggested Reading: Isaiah 6:8

And I heard the altar saying, “Yes, Lord God, the Almighty”—Revelation 16:7

Do you believe that your success, blessings, and opportunities are tied to your “yes” To God, as well as the things God wants to bring and purpose on earth through you? Look at some of those who experienced not only their success but were instrumental in bringing about what God had planned for all humanity, according to his purposes that we see recorded in the Bible:

When Abraham said yes to God, he did not have to sacrifice his son Isaac and become the father of faith with a spiritual heritage that reaches all the way to today.  

When Moses said yes to God, Pilate and his mighty army were destroyed, God’s children were freed from slavery and led into the promised land.

When Noah said yes, God enabled him to build the ark and make a fresh start for all creation.

When Joseph said yes to God, he was able to forgive his brothers and secure his family’s wealth and his people’s future.

When Rahab said yes to God, she was encouraged to hide the Israelite spies, risk her own life and the lives of her family, and her name was written in the annals of history.

When David said yes to God, he was able to slew the giant Goliath, take the place of king Saul, and become the anointed king and ruler of God’s people.

When Esther said yes to God her people were saved and she found favor with the king instead of being killed.  

When Mary the mother of Jesus, said yes to God, she was blessed by God to carry the long-awaited Messiah, raise him up in the way he should go, and be called blessed forevermore.    

When Joseph said yes to God, he was blessed by God to raise his Son and secure a place of honor in history.  

When Paul said yes to God he was instrumental in writing the New Testament, and bringing Good News to all nations, so Gentiles would be grafted in and become children of God, which was part of God’s plan for salvation to all people.

And we know where Jesus’ “yes” to his heavenly Father led. It led him to the Cross of Calvary where he would shed his blood for us, bear our sin, complete the requirements of the Law, and secure our salvation. We are products and fruits of our Savior’s obedience to the Father. Jesus’ Yes to God has become God’s “yes” to us.   

Think of the countless people who changed the course of history and turned things in God’s favor, brought about great things and secured freedoms because they said yes to God.

Where does your name and story fit in? What will be said happened because you said yes to God; because you were obedient and went all the way with God? What story of success will or do you have to share with children, grandchildren, family, friends, and others because you said yes to God? What great and awesome things will be done through you because of your “yes” to God?

In Genesis God told Abraham everywhere the sole of his feet touched would be his; and it was! God told Jeremiah even before he formed him in the womb, he made plans to prosper him, and he did! There are promises and plans God has spoken over you and made plans for your life that he is waiting to manifest in your life the exact moment you say yes to him.

Think of the things God wants to accomplish through us. Think of the things we could find success in, the opportunities that will open up for us once we are willing to say yes to God: Our desire to break free from any addiction, plans to become emotionally, mentally, physically healthier, desire to strengthen our relationships with the Lord, plans to write and publish a book, desires to continue or complete our education, or advance in some field, desires to start a non-profit or help the hurting and struggling, our plan and desire to pay off debt. So much success and fulfillment that alludes us, not because we lack desire but because we have not spoken our yes to God, yet.

There is a reason we don’t say yes to God more often, several actually. Of course, one big reason is that we allow the devil to interfere and influence us. He has too much say in our life when he should have no say at all. He knows great success is borne out of our saying yes and becoming completely obedient to God our Creator and Sustainer, so he does all he can to dissuade us. He lies to us, he steals from us, he cheats us, and he will destroy anything in our path if he suspects it will lead to us saying and holding to our yes to God.  

Another reason is, we are secretly fearful of what saying yes to God will require of us. What kind of sacrifice will God ask us to make? God asks Abraham to sacrifice his long-awaited, beloved son, Isaac. That had to be scary and gut-wrenching. But because Abraham said yes, God blessed him to keep his son and then blessed him for his willingness and obedience.

It’s true, sometimes God asks us to do some pretty hard things. But none of them are ever unachievable or too hard for us because we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

A third reason is because we don’t have that level of discipline yet. But God is able to increase our discipline of character, body, and soul. If we give him all our weaknesses, he will increase our strength. The scriptures and testimonies of others support this truth. When we read the Proverbs for example, we can see that God does not want our lack of discipline to keep us from the success or opportunities he has planned for us.

Another reason may be that we are still filled with selfishness and desire for instant gratification; we are still too hungry for the world’s (false) rewards and don’t have a discipline to wait on God. When we are not willing to give up a little right now for the good of the long-term, when we cannot sacrifice right now for the good of tomorrow, or be willing to wait until God gives us something, we will not say yes to him and will not experience the success God has in store for us.

God does not give success as the world views success—but sometimes even the world will have to witness and acknowledge the success God gives us and become amazed by what he does; some will even turn to God because of it. God’s success for us is based upon his purposes and plans for us. He has already written our success story in the records of heaven. They are only waiting for our commitment  and obedience of a “yes” to God.

“Yes” to God means we are all-in with him; that we are willing to do whatever he says it will take or give up whatever he says for us to give up. It means we will hold nothing back from him; not even those things that are most important to us. It means we may not be able to see the how, or the whole vision, but we trust God for it. Saying yes is the boldest faith step and journey we can take and embark upon in our life. It may also be the scariest, but “yes” is the answer that reaps the biggest rewards and holds the greatest blessings. Let’s Pray,

Dear God, take the fear and apprehension we entertain that keeps us from saying “yes” to you and turn it into courage and boldness. We already know everything you have planned for us, since before we were born is good and for our good, but for a number of reasons we do not take that step of faith needed to reap and enjoy those plans. Today let us reject the fear, the counsel of the wicked, the failure of the past and speak that one little word that will open new doors and lead us into pleasant pastures filled with your goodness and blessings. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.          

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