March 16, 2021

Suggested Reading: I Peter 2:1-12

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellence of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.—I Peter 2:9

I am an early riser. Long before the sun comes out or daylight enters in, I am starting my morning routine of prayer, reading, contemplating, writing, taking notes, preparing for the day ahead. There is nothing more invigorating and hopeful than seeing the first peek of daylight, to look out and see the darkness has given way to light. Even on days when the clouds will be more dominant than the sun the light is still a welcomed presence. There is power in seeing the night go away and daylight emerge victorious.

This is what Peter reminds us of. That we have been called out of darkness into the Lord’s marvelous light. What a blessing! We have been claimed by God, made his personal possession—that in itself bespeaks of his care and faithfulness—he has called us out of the darkness which encompasses us overall and darkness specifically, so we can enjoy the light of his countenance, his grace and mercy, the light of his healing, his love, his forgiveness. The light of his strength, his peace, his wisdom, his great blessings. With the Lord there is only light, only some of which it can be put into words or be grasped through human thoughts and senses.

Think of the darkness he calls us out of. Certainly, the darkness of sin, but even the darkness of transgression, which can be different from sin as a state of being. Remember, we are all born into sin. But to be called from the darkness of transgression means he has called us out of the things we do that injure not only God and others, but ourselves. He has called us out of the darkness of the things that hold onto us, that entangle us, that are not only sin but just cling to us like saran wrap, not wanting to let us go and leading us even more deeply into destruction and darkness.

It can refresh us to know, especially when we are in darkness, that the call to light is a call we can accept and live out. Since what we are being called to is even more powerful than the darkness we are in, then we have the assurance of God that the force that pulls us out of darkness into light is more powerful than the darkness we are in.

At times, throughout the years of ministry whenever my husband received a “Call” from a congregation to become their pastor we have had to consider the power of what we were being called to and the power of the One calling him. The call of God “to” should always outweigh what we are leaving. If God has called us out of and is calling us to, then he will also take care of whatever we leave and know he has need of us in that new place and season.

Even in your own life, presently God is calling you from some darkness—for we are never without the presence of darkness. Maybe the darkness of self-harming or chemical addiction. Maybe the darkness of anxiety and worry. Maybe the darkness of fear and being stuck. Maybe the darkness of insecurity or idol making and worship. Maybe the darkness of a toxic or abusive relationship. Maybe the darkness of unbelief or faithlessness. Whatever it is, God’s light is the place that holds your joy, your peace, your happiness, your financial blessing and prosperity, your soul’s freedom, and enlightenment.

As you take God up on his offer to come into the light—by a simple “Yes Lord!”—rest assured he has also sent help to lead you out of the darkness; every support you need. God never makes us do anything alone or under our own power. And the deeper the darkness, the stronger God will hold onto you, so that you even feel his power in strange and wonderful ways. The more you come away from the darkness the brighter the light that draws you, energizes you, gives you hope, and brings that peace that surpasses all human understanding.

What a high calling God has placed over you. He has called you out of darkness, any and all darkness, and into his glorious light. There is no higher call, no better place to be going and remain. Let’s Pray,

Dear God there is nothing for us in this world except darkness. Sometimes we think we are living and full of light but then through your word we discover that we are not I the light at al. thank you for exposing darkness for what it is and for inviting us to live with you in the light. Keep calling us, Lord, do not let us be satisfied with any darkness and hunger and thirst to be I the light where you are. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.                              

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