March 14, 2021

Suggested Reading: John 15:1-17

By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit and so prove to be my disciples….I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit and that your fruit should abide.—John 15:8,16

I have found a perfect spot in our backyard to plant a few fruit bushes; blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry. I’ve estimated how much sun and shade the area gets; conducive to what the bushes need for optimal results, looked into a way of keeping the birds, squirrels and other fruit-loving creatures from eating them, learned how deep they need to be planted, what types of vitamins they need to have strong roots and stay healthy, other plants that are compatible and will encourage them to grow strong and produce berries, and the best bushes to buy for the region we live in. When I get them, I will name them, pray over them, and care for them. I expect the bushes to thrive in their environment and produce an abundance of berries for eating and sharing with others!

When you read Jesus’ words in John 15 can you see how, Jesus, the True Vine has made everything perfect for you to bear fruit? Think of the effort and energy, careful planning, and continual nurture there has been over you so that you can bear an abundance of fruit. First, the Father thoughtfully created you, then he sent the Son to redeem you from sin, and now sends the Spirit, his breath of life and powerful heavenly force to sustain and sanctify you so you are able to live out that very special and unique life he created you for.

The devil tried to spoil all of this when he wormed his way into the life of God’s first created, Adam and Eve. He felt he had secured a victory and activated  permanent damage when Jesus died on the cross. But God took care of that by raising Jesus from the dead and coming out of the grave, not only alive, but with all power. Power that he extends to you through the Holy Spirit whom God sends to you, not only to help, lead, and teach you, but to abide in you so you can bear an abundance of fruit, which comes full circle to God’s original plan for you when he carefully and lovingly created you in the womb.      

If you needed to sum up your life’s journey it would be: a daily activity of remembering who and whose you are, who created you and why, and making sure you hold onto what is true and determined to bear the fruit the Father has not only created you to bear but assured through every heavenly activity that you can. The activity of not only holding on to the special promise and position God has secured for you through Christ, but being victorious again and again and bearing all the fruit the Father has purposed you for.   

What a high calling you have as a fruit-bearer in the Father’s kingdom and the Son’s vineyard! You are a bright, strong, productive, high-yielding branch on the Lord’s Vine and because he is your Sun, the Shade at your right hand, your Shelter in the storms of life, your Healer in brokenness, your Living Water in a dry and weary land, your Hope in distress, your Peace in chaos, your All-in-All for every season and need; you can bear not only fruit, but much fruit, an abundance of fruit. No matter what life has brought you or the devil has thrown at you, because the Spirit of God abides with and in you, you can be a strong, productive, beautiful, courageous, eternal, branch on Jesus’ Vine that produces fine, amazingly sweet, lasting, and impactful fruit! Let’s Pray,      

Dear God, the enemy came to destroy your plans for us but he did not succeed and you have assured that we are able to live out that victorious, beautiful life you first planned for us even before the world began. Thank you for sending your Holy Spirit, who not only walks with us and abides in us but empowers us for fruitful living. May we glorify you be bearing much fruit in Jesus’ name. Amen  

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