March 8, 2021

God Promises: You Will Have Power When the Holy Spirit comes Upon you

Suggested Reading: Ephesians 3:14-20

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you—Acts 1:8

What does the suggestion of having power do for you? For some it stirs the emotions and quickens the heart, the pulse races and the mind starts to formulate ways to use the power. Power, in the hands of those who would do only good with it can be wonderful, but in the wrong hands, for the person who would misuse and abuse it, it is a dangerous thing.

Jesus had power but we never see him do anything destructive or negative with his power; only that which was good, glorifying to God and beneficial for the kingdom and circumstances of people. When Jesus was at the end of a forty day fast in the wilderness the devil appeared and attempted to tempt him to use his power to serve the devil’s purposes. He thought since Jesus was at a point of hunger and physical weakness, he could take advantage and influence Jesus, but Jesus resisted. The power of the Holy Spirit was with Christ even when he was physically weakened due to lack of food and water. Even Judas, one of Jesus’s disciples wished Jesus to use his power and influence for the purposes Judas felt was important. Judas wanted Jesus to use his power and influence to overthrow the government but that was not Jesus’ purpose and when he did not use his power as Judas wanted, Judas made plans to turn Jesus over to the authorities and ultimately betrayed his teacher and Savior.   

There are people who long for power and can think of the ways they would use their power. A good and kind-hearted person would be inclined to use their power to do good and kind things for others and can think of all kinds of positive changes they would implement. But a person with a dark heart or wicked intentions is more likely to use their power to bring destruction, oppress, subjugate, and put pressure on others they have disastrous outcome.      

What is the power the promised Holy Spirit brings to a believer’s life? Not power for corruption or to do evil, not power to hold over others, not power to make things worse, not power to sin (more) but power to operate in Christ. There is a power the wicked are drawn to and a power the godly are attracted to. The wicked will always love power that opens the portal to control and the godly accept power to do good.

The superhuman power that comes through the entering of the Holy Spirit causes the kingdom of God to be increased. Healing is activated, preaching is powerful, teaching is liberating, courage is planted, praying is effective, under the Spirit’s power the believer has power to withstand the day of evil, power to resist temptation, power to endure all kinds of trials and sufferings, power to forgive, power serve the Lord, power to fulfill God’s commands, power to love. Empowered by the Holy Spirit even our weakness will be perfected and turned to power. Let’s Pray,

Dear God, there is no limit to the power we have to do good and live a Christ-like life, to bless others and grow in godliness. By the power of your Spirit living in us we will receive power to act courageously, power to endure, power to overcome temptation, power to witness Christ and power to love. Let us wait for the promised Holy Spirit so we can live our live with the abundance promised to us. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.     

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