March 6, 2021

God’s Promises Have Made You Part of His Grand Plan to Bring Christ to the Nations

Suggested Reading: 1 Peter 2:1-12

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellence of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light—I Peter 2:9

Even before God formed you in the womb, he purposed you for great things. He  formulated an awesome plan for you to be included in his plan of salvation, being part of the royal priesthood, holy nation, and one of those who would bring Christ to the nations. As it turns out, the prophet Jeremiah wasn’t the only one the Lord prophesied over in this way (Jer. 1:4; 29:11-13). The Lord’s plan to incorporate you into his grand plan for bringing light and hope into this dark world have been in the works for an exceptionally long time. You may not be able to grasp how long, but since before the world began and God saw everything, even your unique beauty, character, personality, strengths, and weaknesses, and decided right then how he would use you for his purposes.

What a wonderful reminder Peter writes for us to enjoy even now in this present age. Reminding us of our true identity and purpose. Our identity is founded in Christ and the purpose we have—which is above and beyond all other purposes we appoint for ourselves—is established in the Lord Jesus also. God’s chosen race is no longer restricted to culture or ethnicity but all who are reborn through holy baptism and faith in Christ. Individually and collectively God has set us apart to do his will and belong to his royal priesthood. Because God has made you his own, you are part of the largest congregation that ever exists as it is comprised of  believers on earth and in heaven. And because of your participation and calling its numbers are still growing and still increasing.

God’s plan to do great thing through you and make you a light that proclaims the excellence of Christ who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light is strategic and as you look back over your own life you can see exactly how he has accomplished it: through all your experiences and circumstances, trials, suffering and joys God has been at work showing, strengthening, preparing and teaching you; he claimed you at Baptism and has been making you his more and more. As Peter encourages grow up in your salvation so that witnessing Christ to a dark world is not a burden but your joy.

There is no need to run from the great commission Jesus commands in Matthew 28:16-20, before he ascends into heaven. It does not matter that we do not see or feel ourselves to be evangelists or disciple-makers, only believe what Peter says, drawing others to Christ, being a light in the dark world, bringing Christ to the nations, and belonging to a royal priesthood is not something we need to strive for or study how, but it is woven into the fiber of our being from the very beginning of time and each time God performs a work in our lives, we are compelled to share it with others. Each time Christ strengthen us or heals us or comforts us we are inspired to share it. The light of Christ is not dim in us but shines everywhere we are, the faithfulness of God is not lost in us, but shared with all we meet, the excellence of Christ is not lost on us but proclaimed to everyone who will listen. Let’s Pray,

Dear God, you have not given us a burden to bear, nor a reason to fret or feel anxious, but you have given us a place to be and secured our identity in and through Christ Jesus your Son, our Lord. Because you have made it so easy we will joyfully and eagerly share Christ with all we meet. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen    

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