February 20, 2021

God Will not Complicate the Way to Heaven

Suggested Reading: John 14:1-15

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.—John 14:6

When I was a young girl just learning to sew, I decided to try one of the patterns  in my grandmother’s sewing cabinet, it was different brand from the ones I had been using. Unfortunately, I was not able to make heads nor tails out of the directions and only ended up frustrated, feeling inadequate and discouraged about sewing. After some time, fully defeated, I returned the pattern to my grandmother and shared my disappointment and frustration. Her patience and gentle approach helped me to know it was not me, it was just that that brand of pattern was only for the very experienced seamstress and suggested for the time being I stick with brands such as Simplicity, Butterick, or McCalls and we would work up to Vogue. To this day I am not a big Vogue fan. I do not understand the reasoning or purpose behind making something deliberately difficult or complicated for people. Isn’t the purpose to sell the brand? Make sure everyone has some degree of success and feel accomplished, not just a select few?

Jesus said the way to the Father is not complicated; it is not above anyone to grasp, it is not a labyrinth with twists and turns only the deeply knowledgeable or theologically trained can maneuver, but the road home, the way to God is straight and clear and every humbled heart and mind can accept it as such. The way to God is through Christ; he is the only way, the truth, and the light. This is a concrete promise to live by. One we can use to measure all philosophies, teachings, and theologies by. We can judge them rightly: if they do not point to Jesus, highlight Jesus, speak the truth of Jesus, or speak life, it becomes clear they are not leading us to the Father; they are not leading us home to heaven.

The best way to stay in Christ and assure we are on the road leading home is to immerse ourselves in the Word of God. That is where all truth can be revealed, and God has designed his word in such a way we can understand it by the power of the Holy Spirit who reveals all things to us. It is not like the pattern I was defeated by as a young girl, but God’s word is uncomplicated and clear and the Holy Spirit will help us with the parts we do not understand. There are many obstacles on the road home, enemy forces to contend and battles to be fought, many things will try to be a barrier and hindrance, but if we hold onto Jesus’ promise, keep our hand in his, walk by his light, hold to his truth, accept the life he speaks and brings to us, we will get to the Father and our eternal home, heaven. Let’s Pray

Jesus you are the way, the truth, and the life there is no other way to get home to heaven or to get to the Father’s waiting arms except through you! Keep us pointed in the right direction by sending your holy Spirit to lead and guide us into all truth. With his help we can stay on the right path and stay connected to the truth. We can remain in you and come to the Father who is waiting and rooting for us. Amen                   

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