February 19, 2021

God Promises to Love You Unconditionally

Suggested Reading: John 3:16-18

Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm, for love is strong as death…Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it—Song of Solomon—8:7

Can you let this sink in for a moment: there is nothing you can do that would cause God to stop loving you. The enemy does not want to you to know this. He would want you to waste time worrying, doubting God’s love, especially after you do something you know is not right, especially after you have committed a sin. Remember Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden after they sinned, look how quickly God came to them. Yes, there was consequence for their sin (they could not continue to live in the beautiful garden God created for them, work would be hard, and Eve would have pains in childbirth, all humankind would be born into sin and need a Savior to redeem them from sin) but even as devastating as all of this was God made sure Adam and Eve knew he had not stopped loving them and that is how God is with us to this day. There is often consequence to pay for the sin we commit: the bigger the sin or transgression the more consequential it can be. But God always makes sure he lets us know we are still loved by him, still his beloved child. Our actions may not be loveable at the time, but he still loves us and will not cut us off from his love.

Sometimes in relationships there are certain conditions we need to meet in order to be loved; but this is not unconditional or even true love, it is conditional and false. With God there is nothing that would keep him from loving us. Think of your very worst mess-up in life, the worst sin (that you know of) you have committed. God did not stop loving you. He never missed a step. God loves his children and those who (do their earthly best) to obey him. He loves those who worship and honor and glorify him and have given their life over to him. He loves those who pray to him and spend time in devotion to him; those who call him Father or Abba Father (Dear Daddy). But guess what? God also loves those who don’t do any of that! He even loves those who do not love him back, who don’t have time for him, who don’t call upon his name or love his Son, Jesus. Why? Because God has promised to love us unconditionally and Jesus’ death on the cross was a seal of that promise.

Second, God cannot hate anything he made. Third, he will not go against his own nature and character or promises in order to hate. Hate is darkness and there is no darkness in God. God wants us to live in and enjoy his unconditional love. People who know God loves them unconditionally are less apt to believe or entertain the devil’s lies. They are not easily persuaded when the devil whispers how God really does not care about them; even when everything is going haywire in their life. But they are grounded in their faith and even when they sin, they will go to the Lord quickly, confess their sin without fear of rejection and continue in life without wallowing in their sin or despairing of a broken relationship with God; that does not mean they take God’s love or forgiveness for granted, but only that they are assured of being loved by God and believe what has been written about his promise to love them always, through anything and everything.

God’s unconditional love is a freeing, liberating, strengthening, comforting, encouraging. It is a promise we can live in securely, wake up knowing, go to bed thanking, be emboldened in living. It’s not a promise we are waiting o not be fulfilled or manifested upon the earth or in our life, but active right now. No one else can offer this pure, steadfast, consistent, unconditional love; only God our Creator and Sustainer and he wants us to enjoy it every day of our life. Let’s Pray

Lord, your love is pure, it is eternal, it is unconditional and with us right now in our present time and circumstance. It is good to know that this is one promise we do not even have to pray for, but it is ours and with us always. Thank you for reassuring us and reminding us of this great blessing with us and over us. When we know the truth the devil cannot fool us. Grant that we are grounded in this promise of being loved eternally and unconditionally. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen                             

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