February 8, 2021

When the righteous cry for help, the LORD hears and delivers them out of all their troubles—Psalm 34:17

The definition of deliverance is “the action of being rescued or set free.”

God has sewn a mighty promise of deliverance over our life. In fact, it pleases him to deliver us (Psalm 40:13). His promised deliverance is extensive, it is not narrow or limited, applying to only one area of our life, but all areas and aspects. Not just applying to the spiritual realm, such as delivering us from all things having to do with salvation and eternity, but our bodies, our minds, our emotions, our thinking, our heart, our relationships, any, and every area you can think of. That means deliverance from:

Sexual sin and bondage

Troubles of every kind

Distress of every kind from any source

Deliverance from enemy attack: all enemies, every type of enemy

Deliverance from sin and transgression

Deliverance from trials





Spiritual influence, including demon possession

Any enslavement or sinful attachment

Deliverance from the grips of sorrow, mourning, anxiety, depression, mental illness

Deliverance from temptation

Any type of addiction and dependency  


Barriers and strongholds that distance us from God

Eternal hell and damnation




Unloving heart and mindset

Incomplete transformation

Denial about sinlessness

From every affliction

Destruction, including self-destruction

Deliverance from disobedience

Deliverance from an arrogant, prideful spirit and attitude

Deliverance from self-absorption and self-worship

Deliverance from self-loathing, self-harming,

Any type of deliverance that is needed God supplies. His Spirit of deliverance is powerful and when He comes, he will not be denied. The moment we begin to pray for deliverance for ourselves or even someone else, God, through the working of His Holy Spirit will not quit until deliverance has been manifested in our or the life of the one we are praying for.

That does not mean being delivered will come easily. That is because being delivered from any condition is in direct opposition of the activity and desire of Satan who uses the devil to place strongholds on people, including the people belonging to the Lord. Since the battle for deliverance is fought on a spiritual realm, outside of our human reach, it can be fierce and often long fought but because there is liberation at the end it is always worth it. When deliverance is needed God will send encouragement to us in many forms and through numerous ways so we do not give up, but keep praying, persevering, and anticipating deliverance in faith.    

People need deliverance, institutions and systems need deliverance from the grips and strongholds of the forces of evil, and while we cannot undertake this kind of spiritual battle on our own nor all alone, we need the Lord to go in front of us and keep us surrounded throughout.

Why does God promise deliverance in every area and not only for the benefit of an eternal reward? Because he cares about our life and wellbeing, not just in eternity, but today as we live and move upon the earth. We will not be in a state of happiness all the time, but God desires that we experience some happiness sometimes. We will not be pain-free all the time, but God desires that we experience the absence of pain sometimes. God does not want us living in bondage to sin or any condition that invites misery in our lives. And if we trust him, if we turn to him if we submit to him, he will deliver us from evil just as we pray in the Lord’s prayer.

But, as moving and wonderful as all these are, God’s promise of deliverance goes even deeper than these. God promises and supplies deliverance for us because we do not belong to the evil one and the moment Jesus came out of the tomb, he emerged with all power in his hands; Satan lost any rights to us for eternity and our earthly life. God delivers us because we belong to God, our Creator, Jesus our Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit out Sanctifier. We have been bought with a price: the blood of Jesus. If Satan cannot have us when we die, he surely cannot have us while we live!

Learn to pray deliverance for anything you are attached to or held by; be it spiritual, emotional mental, physical, or heart and relational. Learn to pray for your loved ones in this manner. Do not be afraid or hesitate to call upon the name of our Lord Jesus to come and deliver you or others. He is not coming to judge how you got there—in fact, he already knows that—but he is coming with all power to set you free. Let’s Pray,

Jesus, by no other name are we set free, by no other spirit except your powerful, transformational, liberating Spirit are we released from strongholds and bondages. Enter into our situations Lord and deliver all who are held by the devil’s chains, that keep them from being free in their life. Surround those in need of deliverance of any kind from anything with a community of prayer warriors and faith-filled that they may not grow faint but remain strong, steadfast, hopeful, and persevere until the promised victory and deliverance come. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen                     

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