February 5, 2021

I will not leave you comfortless; I will come to you—John 14:18

Some people do not believe that Jesus understands human suffering or problems. They accept his deity; that he is God come down to earth to die on the cross to save us from our sins, but they cannot accept that while he was on earth he was God/Man. He had a body, he needed rest, and food. He enjoyed earthly life as we do. Jesus connected to others and enjoyed wonderful relationships. His ministry was not only preaching, teaching, and healing, it was comforting others in their distress. He developed friendships, laughed, and felt sorrow. How often the spiritual darkness of people saddened him. Though truth and light were with them, they rejected him, refused to believe in him. Once, when he was looking out over Jerusalem he was sorrowed to the point of weeping. His instinct was to comfort them, they were lost and didn’t realize it, rejected him, and he knew their fate (Luke 19:41).

Think of the times you have needed comforting. It did not have to be about death as you mourned the passing of a loved one, but other times as well. So many situations and circumstances on earth can distress and unsettle us. So many things arise that leave us sorrowed, disappointed, or fretting. Even in these times Jesus, who is not only Lord of lords and King of kings, but our Friend also, will come to us to comfort us.  

A true friend who is connected to you knows what to say when you need to be comforted. She knows what to do for you to bring comfort into your situation. He knows what to extend that is practical and needful. That is Christ with us. His way is one of comforting, not making us feel worse, not commiserating and leaving us in the same condition he found us; but comforting us in our sorrow, our distress, our fear. Jesus’ love for his disciples and followers assured they would be cared for after his ascension into heaven, they would not be comfortless. He understood they would be joyful that death had not won, and he was not buried in the grave, but alive and risen, yet they would be grieved, they would miss his physical presence. They would rejoice in their risen and glorified Savior but mourn the loss of their physical friend and companion. Jesus promised he would not leave them comfortless and he didn’t. He sent the Holy Spirit whom he also sends to us, to comfort us when comfort is needed.

Because God wants us to grow and strengthen and increase our faith, he does not rearrange life in order that we avoid the things that grieve or disappoint us, but he will comfort us and his comfort will be enough for us, to help us endure, hold up, hold on, persevere, and be strong. In this promise we can rejoice: our Savior is waiting for us to invite him to share our life with him. If we open our heart to him he will come in and comfort us in whatever circumstances we may find ourself in.

Invite Jesus into your circumstances so you may be comforted, pray this promise over your own emotions and circumstances, pray also for your loved ones and others that they too may experience the comfort of Jesus in their life and circumstances. Let’s Pray   

Jesus, your comfort is just what we need in life. As our lives take so many twists and turns and situations arise; how many times we need to be comforted; we are not always asking for a way out or around, but simply to receive comfort. Thank you for caring! Thank you for coming into our circumstances and comforting us. You do not forsake us and you do not leave us comfortless. Amen                  

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