February 3, 2021

Now you, brothers, like Isaac, are children of promise—Galatians 4:28

There are approximately 8, 881 promises of God recorded in the Bible. Some are conditional, some are automatic. Some prophetic: yet to be fulfilled, and some are being revealed presently. Some hold the promise to prosper us in our life, and yes there are even those that contain a promise to assure negative consequence for those  who reject God and his commands; promises for us collectively and those that apply to us individually. Whatever promise we read we can be sure of one thing, God does not lie, and each promise will come into fruition just as God has said; each one is recorded so we may know the power of God, and each one finds their “Yes” in Christ Jesus (2 Cor. 1:20)

God wants us to know his promises and to walk securely in those promises. When we are familiar with the promises of God and which ones apply to our life and circumstances we can live more confidently, make decisions for our life with full confidence and remain encouraged in the Lord even when things look bleak or doubtful that they are going to turn out well or for our good.

As St. Paul wrote in Galatians, “You are a child of promise.” And those promises to cover everything from your spiritual, eternal, physical, relational, financial, mental and emotional aspects of life. God has not left out or overlooked one area of your earthly life but also your eternity. He has covered you in every way. Just as God spoke over Abraham, “In you shall all the nations be blessed.” (Gal. 3:8) and as David wrote, “You hem me in behind and before.” (Psalm 139:5). As children of Abraham, heirs of the blessings (promises) are ours, sewn over us. We are hemmed in.

In certain cultures it was common for valuables to be sewn into the hem of a garment for safe keeping. As a seamstress I understand what this means. A well sewn hem will last through laundering, wear and tear, years of use, even mistreatment of a garment. Even when the rest of the garment is ragged and ready to be discarded, that original hem is holding up: a well sewn hem, with the right thread and disciplined distance between each stitch will stay put and could hold anything of value without fear of falling out or being lost.

This is how God has sewn his promises over you. There is no part of your life that God has not spoken great promise over. Over the next 30 days we will explore 30 promises that you can speak over your life, pray, and meditate upon that will not only familiarize you with God’s promises for you, but empower you to live life, pray, relate to others, make life decisions, take bolder and more courageous steps of faith with more confidence and greater hope.  

When you claim ownership of the promises of God—which is more than knowing of them or reciting them without knowledge of the power they hold—not even the devil can come against these or steal them from you. Determine today to learn, study, and start speaking God’s promises over your, your children and grandchildren, your spouse, your loved ones, and friends. Then get ready to see God doing mighty things in your life as never before.  Let’s Pray,

Heavenly Father your promises are great and powerful and you have recorded them that we would know them learn them, believe them and live with power in  our life. Everything you have promised you have kept from the day you spoke it to this very moment. Where we have been ignorant give us knowledge, where we have lived feebly, grant us the intellect to make sound decisions, where we have lived timidly; or been uncertain of outcomes grant us boldness of faith. We are children of promise so help us to live that way and in that way we will overcome every enemy force and plot that seeks our destruction and failing. In the name of Jesus which is a mighty promise in and of itself, we pray. Amen                      

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