January 14, 2021

He restores my soul—Psalm 23:

If you have any knowledge or understanding of how to deal with a rescue animal then you know, more than anything, they need patience, understanding, and lots of love. Unconditional, healing love. They need to know they are safe with you, protected. They need to hear your love, feel your love, see your love. They have been wounded in some way, betrayed, abused, mistreated, starved, neglected, unloved. They need restoring at the deepest levels.

David writes, “He restores my soul.” In some Bible translations this verse reads, “He renews my life.”

David knew the restoration the Good Shepherd brings with him. He had experienced it personally so he could write about it as well. Restoration of the wounded or weary soul is one of the characteristics of the Good Shepherd; it is God’s nature to restore that which is broken, damaged or weary.

Isaiah testified “A bruised reed he will not break and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out (Isa. 42:3). Jesus came and still comes to restore those who have been broken, hurt, wounded, neglected, bruised, depleted, mistreated, abused, and loved-starved. Those who have given up all hope of ever being whole again, of experiencing happiness, joy, or peace. We may give up on people, on those who cannot get past their wounded-ness, their damaging journeys, but Jesus never does. He will walk a mile with the hurting. He sees their potential because he was there in the beginning, when the Father created them, put flesh on their beautiful  soul, purposed and spoke blessing and promise over them. He sees their potential, encourages them, affirms them, heals them, and fills them anew with hope .

When Jesus met Mary Magdalene, he recognized immediately she was one of those who had been severely wounded, abused, mistreated. She needed rescuing, needed to be loved back to wholeness. While others shied away from her, gossiped about her, and judged her, he did not. He was not even put off by the gossip being spread because of his closeness with her. He had a purpose with her and was ordained by God to cross paths with her.

Mary Magdalene, the Samaritan woman Jesus met at the well, and countless others were on Christ’s radar to spend time with, just as we are. Our names and every detail of our damaged souls are recorded in heaven and he will not let us exit this life without coming up beside us to issue healing, to reaffirm us, to put us back together again, to remind us of the Father’s plans for us, to reset and restore our soul to wholeness making sure just as David wrote about it, we can testify to it. Let’s Pray,

Jesus, our Good Shepherd what you do for us is beyond words. the world and life break us and wound us, but you come to restore us. Our soul is fragile, and they become weary but in your care, they are renewed, restored, we are truly the blessed sheep of your pasture the sheep in your care. Thank you for loving us, for seeing our need, and restoring our soul Good Shepherd. Amen    

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